Technology Support


All SIS students, faculty and staff should report issues/requests to C&IT by submitting a request here.

You may also view C&IT's website here, and their Knowledge Base here.

The C&IT Help Desk can be reached at 313-577-4357 or

Technology is a crucial component of each SIS class. In order for SIS students to be successful, they must have daily access to a computer and the Internet throughout their time in the program. All incoming students must meet the School's computer competencies, as well as its minimum computer hardware and software requirements before the first day of class.

Digital Media Projects Lab (DMPL)

For information about the Digital Media Projects Lab (DMPL), please refer to the DMPL page or contact Kimberly Schroeder at

Software for SIS Students

Enrolled students in the School of Information Sciences are eligible for free software for use toward the completion of the MLIS and Graduate Certificates. 

SIS Tutorials

Click here to view our list of tutorials for common SIS-related technology tasks.

Information about the SIS Student Web Server

Click here to view our FAQs about the SIS Student web server.