INF 7740 and HIS 7745: Archives and Libraries in the Digital World

Credits: 3 credits

Prerequisite(s): INF 7710 (or HIS 7840) or INF 6080

Rationale for inclusion in curriculum

An overview of the electronic tools is essential to providing the student with an understanding and appreciation of the nature and functions of the profession(s) he/she is about to enter. This course assists in the development of a conceptual framework of the role of digital in libraries and archives. Lectures, discussions and assignments center on the work, concerns, and digital issues impacting archival work and librarianship. Also, an introduction to access and outreach theory set the stage for exploration of ways in which the archivist and librarian can achieve their goals of maximizing the access to history for all.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate acquaintance with the philosophical principles of reformatting
  2. Use the terminology and vocabulary of the technology
  3. Understand the differing needs of analog versus digital
  4. Develop description processes
  5. Understand archival storage and access copies
  6. Develop reference and outreach services
  7. Plan marketing for the collection


  1. Archival Storage
  2. Access/Retrieval
  3. Duplication
  4. Service
  5. Formats
  6. Distribution
  7. Quality Control
  8. Vendor Relations
  9. Outreach

Course methodology

The course will utilize discussions, lectures, group projects and group presentations.

Bases for evaluation of student performance

Papers; oral presentations; class attendance, participation; and group projects.


To be determined

Approved: 1/12

Updated: 4/17