MLIS/MAPH Joint Degree Classes

Required SIS Courses (18 credits):

INF 6010 Introduction to the Information Profession (3 credits)

INF 6080 Fundamentals of Information Technology (3 credits)

INF 6120 Access to Information (3 credits)

INF 6210 Organization of Knowledge (3 credits)

INF 7040 Management and Leadership (3 credits)

INF7996 Research for the Information Profession (3 credits)

Elective INF Courses (12 credits) - Students should use INF electives to fulfill the MAPH methodology and public history elective requirements.

Elective History Courses (6 credits)

Total: 36 hours of study for the MLIS degree (6 of which are from HIS classes)

History Requirements

All MAPH students are required to take HIS 7835 (Public History: Theory and Method), HIS 7855 (History and Memory), HIS 7998 (Internship in Public History), and HIS 7999 (Master's Project). Students must apply in writing to the graduate director for any exemptions. Students must pass these courses with a grade of B or better to progress in the program. Students will also complete a methodology course and at least 18 credits in one MAPH track. MAPH tracks include Museum Studies; Public Policy; Cultural Resource Management; African American History and Culture; Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies; and Labor and Urban History.

Required MAPH core courses (15 credits):

HIS 7835 Public History: Theory and Method (3 credits)

HIS 7855 Memory and History (3 credits)

HIS 7998 Internship in Public History (3 credits)

HIS 7999 Master's Project (3 credits)

Methods Elective must be selected from among INF 7700 Oral History (3 credits), INF 7710 Archival Administration (3 credits), and INF 7440 Scripting (3 credits) and would be double-counted as an INF elective.

MAPH Track requirements (18 Credits)

Core course (3 credits)

History seminar (3 credits)

History electives (6 credits)

Public History electives (6 credits); students in the joint MAPH/MLIS program must select two from among a variety of INF elective courses, to be chosen in consultation with your MAPH advisor. Such courses may include:

  • INF 7440 Scripting Languages (3 credits)

  • INF 7450 Digital Imaging (3 credits)

  • INF 7710 Archival Administration (3 credits)

  • INF 7730 Administration of Audio Visual Collections (3 credits)

  • INF 7740 Archives and Libraries in the Digital World (3 credits)

  • INF 7770 Oral History (3 credits)

  • INF 7780 Description and Access for Archives (3 credits)

  • INF 7885 Cultural Heritage Institutions: Management and Leadership (3 credits)

Total: 33 hours of study for MAPH degree"¨(8 of which are from INF classes, as listed in the MAPH curriculum map under "Methodology Course" and "Public History Electives)