Career path: Digital content management and preservation

Digital preservation extends beyond safeguarding digital materials – it also involves the strategic management of electronic records, websites, digitized documents and more while focusing on ensuring the long-term accessibility, authenticity and usability of digital assets. In the evolving digital landscape, those who manage digital content play a pivotal role in preserving cultural heritage, research data and institutional records for future generations.

This pathway encompasses various concepts beyond preservation. Professionals in this area excel in project management, overseeing digitization initiatives, technological implementations, and collaborative efforts. They also engage in digitization processes, converting analog materials to digital formats and contribute to designing and evaluating online systems for optimized access. They actively participate in collection development, considering intellectual property rights and aligning resources with evolving user needs. User services within digital collections involve guiding and supporting users.

Recommended courses

*Required for MLIS students
**Required for MSIS students 

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