Archival Practicum Guidelines

In order to be eligible for the archival practicum, a student needs to have completed four archival courses including the two core classes (7710 and 7780) and two electives*. See for a list of courses. The practicum is required in order to obtain the Archival Administration Certificate and is the last core class. It is meant as a capstone to put into practice classroom learnings.

Students are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zone and enhance their skills. This opportunity is available at almost any archival institution in the world.  Though the School can not pay for travel, we have had students placed in practicums in far flung regions as well as in their hometowns.

Please note that application deadlines are far ahead of the semester of implementation. Be sure to plan ahead to get your application in on time. 

It takes about three weeks for the practicum applications to be reviewed and processed. You will hear from the practicum administrator once all is reviewed. If approved, the School will lift the hold on practicum registration and you will receive an email that you will now be able to register for the course. 

*Note that 7780 is a new requirement as a core class for students admitted after January 2016.  Practicum eligibility for students admitted prior to January 2016, include INF 7710 and three archival electives.