Practicum Guidelines for School Library Media Endorsement

In order to be recommended for endorsement as a school library media specialist in the State of Michigan, SIS students must complete a practicum. A list of possible placements is available from SIS upon request.

SIS cannot recommend School Library Media endorsement for students outside the state of Michigan.

All practicum placements must be conducted within a Michigan K-12 school under the direction of a certified school librarian with three or more years of experience in a school library. However, out-of-state students are welcome to take the two SLM content-specific classes (INF 7310 and INF 7320) as part of the general MLIS degree. Non-Michigan students must independently determine the SLM licensure pathways in their states and complete their school library practicum through the endorsement body in that state if necessary.



  • Students may NOT do their practicum in the school district where they are currently or recently employed.
  • The school library media practicum shall take place in a school library media center under the guidance of an endorsed school library media specialist with a minimum of three years experience on the job.
  • All school library media practicums should allow the student to collaborate with teachers and work with K-12 students.
  • Students should note that the practicum involves more than just spending the required contact hours at the assigned school library media center. Students are also expected to meet the general course requirements, such as attending three mandatory seminars, keeping a journal, completing an analysis of the experience, and ensuring that the instructor receives an evaluation of their performance. Specific details of these course requirements are available on the SIS website.
  • Students are responsible for following established practicum guidelines and deadlines. Information on the practicum is frequently posted to the SIS listserv.

General guidelines:

  • A valid teaching certificate is required as a prerequisite for enrollment.
  • The practicum is not to be completed until students have completed a minimum 24 credit hours. In order to register for a practicum, a student must have completed all of the core courses except for INF 7996. INF 7310 and INF 7320 must also be completed.
  • Students must obtain and complete the school library media practicum forms and submit them by the stipulated deadline. Students MUST include a current resume with their practicum application.
  • The practicum may be taken for either two or three credit hours (requiring a minimum of 90 or 135 contact on-site hours respectively). Whether a student enrolls for two or three credits is to be determined in consultation with the student's advisor. NO PRACTICUM SHALL BE TAKEN FOR LESS THAN TWO CREDITS.


  • Spring/Summer practicum placements are to be completed by June 30.
When scheduling a practicum, school library media students are urged to think creatively. For example:
  • Some students are able to use accumulated leave for release time during the school year to meet the mandated number of contact hours.
  • Some students are able to do their practicum in districts whose vacation time or spring break or beginning of the year or end of the year are different from those in their home district.
  • Some principals are willing to give students time to meet the practicum requirements. (You never know until you ask).
  • Contact the school library media practicum coordinator, Kathleen McBroom,, to explore more potential solutions.