SIS Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision Statement

We foster learning and research about information policies, information fluency, and information accessibility within the global library and information environment.

Mission Statement

We combine theories with practices to educate leaders who advance the importance of information in society. We deliver accessible, high quality education incorporating professional scholarship and best practices. We focus on three pillars:

  • Library Users and Services
  • Information Management
  • Archives and Digital Content Management

Goals and Objectives

TEACHING EXCELLENCE: SIS will encourage and teach professional approaches and a service philosophy.

  • SIS will educate students in the history, philosophies, theories, principles, policies, and ethics of library and information science.
  • SIS will expose students to the historical, social, cultural, educational, political, and economic dimensions of information and information agencies.
  • SIS will provide the skills and dispositions for excellence in information service delivery.
  • SIS will continuously evaluate and apply evolving technologies to its teaching, learning, research and service programs.

STUDENT SUCCESS: SIS will cultivate a culture of student success.

  • SIS will incorporate career enhancement skills development into all courses.
  • SIS will promote relationships between students and other members of the campus community who support student learning and success.
  • SIS will deliver a "Distinctively Wayne State" experience that leverages our Detroit location, diversity, and academic and research excellence to better prepare students for success.
  • SIS will stress the importance of lifelong learning and will promote opportunities to sustain professional growth and achievement, including career mentoring.

RESEARCH: SIS will foster, facilitate, and support research by faculty and students.

  • SIS will support faculty research and scholarly communication.
  • SIS will cultivate faculty engagement with student research experiences and skill development.
  • SIS will encourage and support students in presenting their research in courses, at conferences, and through publication.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: SIS will be engaged within the diverse communities and world of which we are a part.

  • SIS will seek diversity among the faculty.
  • SIS will seek diversity and facilitate inclusion among the student body.
  • SIS will address the roles of library and information services in a diverse global society, paying particular attention to historically underserved communities.
  • SIS will facilitate student experience in multicultural and multiethnic information environments.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: SIS will practice and foster engagement in traditional as well as interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and practices that address important societal as well as information and library issues.

  • SIS will engage the library community, alumni and employers.
  • SIS will promote commitment and involvement in professional associations and organizations.
  • SIS will encourage involvement in the community and community organizations.
  • SIS will support service activities and participation in leadership roles at the school, university, local, state, national and international levels.