New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is an essential element of the MLIS and MSIM program. It is an opportunity for new graduate students to become acquainted with the SIS and to connect with fellow students, faculty and staff. We welcome our new students into our learning community by providing networking opportunities along with modules designed to give you a glimpse of your future career as an information professional. Along the way, we will introduce you to the curriculum, services and policies that will be the key to your success at Wayne State and in SIS.

Orientations are conducted online. It is not necessary to come to WSU's campus in order to attend.

Completing the School's New Student Orientation is an essential element of the degree program. New students must complete orientation prior to starting classes. Orientation provides important information to make your first weeks as a student in the School as productive and stress-free as possible and to help you establish valuable personal connections that will carry you through the School and beyond.

Certificate-only students are not required to attend orientation.

Orientation Login Button

You can access orientation by logging in with your WSU access ID and password. If you have not set up your account, you can find step by step instructions here.