Tuition and Fees


These rates do not include late registration or late payment fees. Each student pays Tuition + Omnibus fee + Registration fee.

Please visit the Registrar's Tuition and Fee page for a full tuition information and their Tuition Calculator.

Level/Student Type Tuition Cost Student Service Fee

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

Resident Graduate Students and all Online Students (including Non-Residents) $885.02 per credit hour $61.31 per credit hour $354.77 per term
Non-Resident On-campus Graduate Students $1,774.13 per credit hour $61.31 per credit hour $354.77 per term

Ohio/Ontario Good Neighbor Policy

Map of Michigan

Residents of Fulton, Lucas, Ottawa, and Williams counties in Ohio, or Ontario, Canada who enroll at Wayne State University in eligible academic programs will have the non-resident portion of fees waived. See the WSU Tuition and Fee Regulations for additional details.