INF6050: Computer Programming

Credits: 3

Prerequisite(s): INF6000

Rationale for Inclusion in Curriculum  

This course introduces students to the development and implementation of dynamic and interactive computer programs through a basic scripting language (Python). In order to accomplish this, students learn the basics of programming both through lectures and hands-on exercises. Even if you have never seen a program, heard of programming languages or thought about developing a program, this course can provide you with the skillset to create your own small programs, understand programming, and imagine new programs that can help your employer. The skills you learn are both timely and marketable. The semester begins with a brief introduction to the basic concepts in programming languages such as variables, proper code syntax, and logical statements. Students are asked to focus on the technical aspects of coding; how to create scripts that allow you to do fun and interesting things. Upon completion of the course, students will understand: the basics of programming, be able to utilize scripts to connect and retrieve information from a SQL database, and develop coding skills that will allow them to create more advance applications. If you like solving puzzles, programming is for you.  

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Describe fundamental programming concepts
  • Employ data from a SQL database to create dynamic programs
  • Use program design in the context of present-day practices including both procedural and object oriented processes
  • Understand and apply theories, models, and concepts from the discourse on programming practices
  • Analyze and interpret pre-existing programs (debugging)
  • Evaluate programming practices from the beginning of a project through completion
  • Appraise tasks and problems from a logic-based programming perspective 

Course Methodology 

This course will include class discussions, assigned exercises, video responses, group projects and a midterm exam 

Grading Scale 

See the WSU SIS polices website: for the specifics of the school’s grading policy.  

The grading scale used for this course is a point system with 100 points being a perfect score. 

Approved: 8/17 

Updated: 11/23