MSIS Technology Requirements

Welcome to the MSIS program! Technology will be an important part of your online learning experience and professional life. Before you begin your coursework in the MSIS program, please review the following information to help assess your current familiarity with various technologies.

We recognize that graduate students enter the MSIS program with different skills, talents, life experiences, abilities, and equipment. The School expects all students in the MSIS program to have access to a computer with an operating system that is no more than two generations old and that can run the latest software. The student must have administrative rights to the computer and the ability to install software as might be required for the various courses.

Additionally, the School expects all students in the MSIS program to have a working knowledge of, and familiarity with, various technologies in order to be successful in their coursework. At a minimum, incoming MSIS students should be familiar and comfortable with using the the list of technologies outlined in the MSIS Technical Competencies.

The MSIS curriculum provides students with the opportunity to grow their technological skills. However, to ensure your readiness and ability to begin graduate-level coursework in the MSIS program, take a few minutes to review the list of technical competencies. You should possess a baseline knowledge of, and be comfortable with, each of the areas described below. Alternatively, you should be comfortable with your ability to seek out resources in order to teach yourself any remedial technology skills that will be assumed by the course instructors.

If there are technology topics or areas that you feel unsure about, you may take INF 6080, Fundamentals of Information Technology, course. However, this course will not count towards your IS degree.