Library Services Specializations and Classes

Common Core: 6010, 6080, 6120, 6210, 7040, 7996

Students with an interest in working in libraries of all types should take a broad view of how these suggested electives from all specializations fit into their own program of study as knowledge from most of these courses is transferable to a variety of contexts.


Library Users and Communities: Are you curious about how people seek information? Do you want to learn more about the science of matching people to information? Do you love working with people and negotiating a question to find an answer? Do you love puzzles and learning about all human knowledge?

This specialization emphasizes understanding the 21st century user and connects libraries with these users and their wider communities. Skills learned include evaluating the demographics of a library and its users in different types of libraries and communicating with patrons using various means to find the needed information.

Library Users and Communities Electives:


Library Tools and Resources: Do you love puzzles and learning about all human knowledge? Do you like to expand your strategies to improve your search results? Interested in designing library services to match user needs? Want to learn how search engines work? The Library Tools and Resources specialization connects users with informational tools and searching strategies. This specialization focuses on developing an in-depth knowledge of databases and other research tools, including advanced skills from how to describe a book so that users can find it, to enhancing search knowledge. You will also learn how to design services for your users.

Library Tools and Resources Electives:


Library Systems and Infrastructure: Students in this specialization are interested in the high tech systems that make the library function best. This specialization connects libraries and users through expert knowledge of technological infrastructures. This includes digital publishing services like establishing an institutional repository and digital collections platforms to discovery services that focus on e-resources, cataloging library materials, and managing the integrated library system online catalog.

Library Systems and Infrastructure Electives: