Academic Progress

Graduate students in the School of Information Sciences (SIS) are expected to make satisfactory progress in their programs of study. The SIS faculty and staff support student advancement toward degree and certificate completion. This policy defines what constitutes academic progress and lack of progress in the SIS and outlines School actions concerning students who fail to meet their academic progress goals.

Student Responsibilities in Making Satisfactory Academic Progress

To remain in good academic standing with the SIS, students must make satisfactory progress toward the degree as evidenced by:

  1. Achieving candidacy in a timely manner through submitting an acceptable Plan of Work after successfully completing 6 hours of courses and no later than after 9 hours of courses. The University will place holds preventing registration if Plans of Work are not filed on time.
  2. Exhibiting ethical professional and academic integrity, as detailed in the WSU Student Code of Conduct.
  3. Maintaining a 3.00 (B) grade point average throughout the program of study.

Student Probation and Dismissal

Students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress are placed on probation or are dismissed.

  • A student whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) drops below 3.00 (B) will be placed on academic probation and must earn a 3.00 or higher GPA each succeeding term or the student will be dismissed.
  • A student who receives any grade of "F" (failure) or "U" (unsatisfactory) will be dismissed and prohibited from completing additional coursework.
  • A student who receives more than one grade of "WF" (Withdrawal Failing) will be dismissed.
  • A student who does not complete at least 75% of the courses for which he/she enrolls in an academic year will be dismissed.
  • Students dismissed for failing to make satisfactory academic progress are eligible to apply for readmission after one semester according to the procedures outlined in the SIS Readmission Policy. If readmitted, the student must remain in good academic standing or he/she will be permanently dismissed.

    Note: Any course work completed during the period of dismissal from the SIS will not count towards any SIS degree or certificate.

    Continuing Student Enrollment

    To continue enrolling in courses, students must satisfy not only the 3.00 (B) grade point average requirement but must also be aware of the time frames and grades that can affect enrollment. Students should consult the university's Registration Calendar for exact dates concerning classes, registration, tuition cancellation, etc. Registration activities are conducted through Academica.