Readmission to the School of Information Sciences

A student dismissed from the School of Information Sciences due to academic deficiencies is permitted to request readmission to the School and, if readmitted, to resume his/her studies after a lapse of one semester from the time of dismissal (effective fall 2018).

Students dismissed from the SIS for violations of the Student Code of Conduct are not eligible for readmission.

Readmitted students must adhere to their original time limitation for completing all degree/certificate requirements. Any credit-bearing courses a dismissed student may take elsewhere during whatever period of dismissal will not count towards any SIS degree or certificate.

To request readmission, the dismissed student submits a letter to the SIS Associate Dean (email attachment preferred) approximately one month prior to the semester in which the student intends to resume his/her studies:

  • outlining the reasons for his/her poor performance.
  • explaining how the student intends to ensure he/she will succeed upon readmission.

In order to receive his/her degree or certificate, a readmitted student must remain in good academic standing each term after readmission. If the readmitted student fails to maintain good academic standing, he/she will be permanently dismissed.