Directed study

Students may decide that there is a particular area of study that they would like to pursue instead of taking an INF elective. The course, INF 7990: Research and Directed Study, is offered to students who want to pursue individual study in special topics.

A student wishing to enroll in INF 7990 must contact a member of the full-time graduate faculty whose area of expertise corresponds to the student's research interest. A comprehensive written proposal, stating the purpose and proposed methodology, must be approved by the faculty member or advisor who has expressed willingness to offer this course. Written permission of the faculty member must be obtained before registering for INF 7990 - the directed study must also be approved by the student's faculty advisor and the Associate Dean before registration is permitted. This process will ensure that the directed study is rigorous enough to earn graduate credit. While a credit-load ranging from one to eight credit hours is authorized for this course, no more than three credit hours will normally be undertaken per semester.

Petition and Authorization for Directed Study Form