Course Waivers

Course waivers are defined as classes that a student may be exempted from taking. These waived courses are classified as core courses or required electives for certificates. Waived course credits do not apply towards degree completion. Replacement course(s) will have to be taken in lieu of the waived course(s).

Course waivers require filling out the official "Petition for Course Waiver form" which must be completed by the student and signed by the Lead Instructor. Detailed instructions are available on the form.

Option of Waiving Out of INF 6080, Fundamentals of Information Technology

If you have a strong technology background or have recent experience working with technology, we strongly encourage you to consider waiving out of this required course. INF 6080 teaches essential technologies that will prepare you for your graduate studies at the School and help you become more comfortable utilizing various technologies. It covers three areas: computer concepts, productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, and basic web authoring. If you believe you are extremely proficient in these areas, please consider initiating the waiver process.

If approved, you will be able to replace INF 6080 with a more advanced elective. The course can be taken in the first or in a later semester. You will still be required to complete a total of 36 credits.

Approved replacement electives include:

To initiate the process, complete the form above and email it with your justification outlining your proficiency to Dr. Bin Li at Additionally, waiver requests typically involve submitting one's resume. You will be notified via email once a decision is made. If you have any questions about the qualifications or process, you may also contact her.

Over 90 percent of waiver requests are approved. Prior coursework and work experience are strongly taken into consideration. Recommendations from other IM faculty or 6080 instructors can also play a big role in the granting of 6080 waivers.

Employers consistently inform SIS that they want to hire tech savvy MLIS graduates. So we encourage students to make the most out of their one required technology course""and even consider taking others.