Course load

A student with a strong academic record who is devoting full-time to graduate study and carrying no outside employment may request to register for up to 12 credits per semester. Students who wish to carry more than 9 credits per semester must obtain permission from their advisor. Permission must be obtained for each semester the student requests to take 12 credits and requires that the student remain in compliance with the School's Academic Progress Policy. The University considers a program of 8 graduate credits per semester to be full-time study.

A student engaged in part-time work should limit registration in proportion to the amount of outside work. A student employed full-time will normally not register in excess of 6 credits.

Although it is possible for a student to complete the Program in one calendar year, it is not recommended as students will soon realize the heavy commitment to study and course work which must be accomplished at the graduate level. Students are cautioned to enroll for no more than 9 graduate hours per semester, which allows completion of the School in 4 semesters by full-time students.