SIS utilizes the waitlist feature available through the registration section of Academica for all classes that are not cross-listed with other departments. After adding yourself to the list, if a spot opens in a closed class, the next student on the waitlist is sent an email to their WSU AccessID email. Students have 24 hours to register for the class, otherwise the open seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist.

General Information on the Waitlist

Instructions for How to Add to a Waitlist

Cross-listed Courses

Courses listed with multiple departments are ineligible to participate in the university's waitlist system. SIS will collect requests for these courses separately. 

This waitlist will be available by the third week of registration. Students who receive an override have 48 hours to register for the course before the override is removed from their record and given to the next student on the waitlist.

Waitlist sign up will end four weeks before the start of classes. Three weeks before the start of classes, all students will receive notification indicating if their override request has been granted. After the waitlist has concluded, all overrides are at the discretion of the instructor. Students should not contact instructors for permission to register while the waitlist is open.

Winter 2022 Cross-list Waitlist - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/W22_waitlist