Classes and Scheduling

Below are the School of Information Sciences class schedules organized by term. Online (WEB) classes do not require any physical class meetings and most are asynchronous delivery (meaning no regularly-scheduled real-time sessions). Exceptions (such as required online meeting times) are noted in the class section information.

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*Some classes may be listed more than once on the schedule below. Synchronous online courses will have each meeting date listed separately. Please compare CRN numbers for the courses to determine if there are multiple meetings for the same course (same CRN listed) or different sections (different CRNs listed).

Fall 2023: Any classes listed with a TBA instructor will be taught by an adjunct professor. See the list below:

INF 6010_003 Foundations for the Information Professions

Gustafson, Jennifer

INF 6050 Computer Programming

Price, Todd

INF 6080_002 Fundamentals of Information Technology

Donahue, Damecia

INF 6120_002 Access to Information

Spunaugle, Emily

INF 6210_002 Organization of Knowledge

Boss, Benjamin

INF 6350 Beyond Books: Youth Literature in Action!

Lester, Katherine

INF 6780 Introduction to Records & Information Management

Gearhart, Debra

INF 7040 Management & Leadership

Lobert, Alyson

INF 7050 Public Libraries

Hibner, Holly

INF 7060 Academic Libraries

Pendse, Liladhar

INF 7340 Collection Development & Selection of Materials

Oliver, James

INF 7710 Archival Administration

Johnson, Jennifer

INF 7715 Archival Reference

Chinery, Kristen

INF 7790 History of Books, Printing, and Publishing

Galbraith, Steven

INF 7996_002 Research in the Information Professions

Hancks, Jeffrey

Textbook information is available through the WSU bookstore.

Note: International Students on F1 Visas are restricted to ONE web/online class per semester.

The school has created a master schedule to help students better plan their schedules. The master schedule lists all the courses in the school's catalog and indicates which term(s) the courses are scheduled to be offered.


SIS uses the waitlist feature available through the registration section of Academica for all classes that are not cross-listed with other departments. After adding yourself to the list, if a spot opens in a closed class, the next student on the waitlist is sent an email to their WSU AccessID email. Students have 24 hours to register for the class, otherwise the open seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist.

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