Student Employment

Graduate Student Assistantships

A graduate student assistantship (GSA) is designed primarily to provide a measure of economic support for a graduate student while also offering the opportunity to augment academic experience through teaching, research or other academically related activities associated with a student's major field of study. Graduate Student Assistantships should enhance the academic program and support the scholarly activities of the student. Appointments may be made for one, two or three semesters of the calendar year.

Currently, 10 GSA positions are available: two in the school and the rest in the university libraries and OTL. The majority of GSA positions for SIS students are available within the university libraries. The experience is designed to provide a wide overview of academic library operations, with a focus on developmental skills in operational areas increasing in responsibility and independence over an approximate two year period.

Beginning library system GSAs provide direct user assistance at information/reference desks by answering in-person and phone queries; assist patrons with the libraries' online catalog, internet, and electronic databases; assist with the development of library guides, bibliographies; provide bibliographic instruction and complete special projects as assigned. Other duties may be included at the discretion of the GSA Coordinator and/or other staff librarians.

After significant experience, GSAs continue to work 20 hours per week but job duties may transition to include reference and special projects related to library services and operations. Team assignment is based on interest, and can include work with instruction, discovery services, material processing, eResources, acquisitions, and digital publishing.

Other GSA positions for SIS students are located in the Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL), and SIS.

Graduate student appointees must be in good academic standing (minimum 3.0 honor point average). The graduate assistant must be enrolled for a minimum number of six graduate credits each per fall and winter semester appointments and one graduate credit for a spring/summer semester appointment.

Assistantship positions provide a salary, tuition scholarship, and subsidized medical and dental insurance. The tuition scholarship provides payment for up to 10 graduate credits for each of the fall and winter semesters and up to two graduate credits for the spring/summer semester appointment. The scholarships will pay for only graduate credits listed on a student's Plan of Work. Students are not permitted to complete more credits than is required for the degree.

When available, GSA positions are posted on the SIS Jobs list:

GSA postings generally direct students to the specific online applications:

GEOC Contract Information

Student Assistants

Both SIS and the WSU Library System hire students as part-time workers on an hourly pay scale. These jobs may be available at any time. As a graduate student, the student should continuously carry at least four credit-hours during the fall semester, at least four credit-hours during the winter semester, and at least one credit-hour during the spring/summer semester. While classes are in session, students may work no more than 20 hours per week on average. Schedules will be set by the employing department.

When available, student assistant positions are posted on the SIS Jobs list:

International Student Workers

International students may also work in SIS and for the WSU Library System. However, international students must meet specific visa and credit hour requirements. Current information is available through the Office of International Students and Scholars.

International students may also send a cover letter and resume to WSU Library System Human Resources Department as indicated above. Processing of paperwork for hiring international students may take a considerable period of time.